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Date: 04/12/2019

Launch Date: June 4, 2018


Juno FlexConnect™ featuring micrOptix™ technology is the smallest, most configurable linear optic luminaire system. Ideal for cove, grazing, washing and other architectural applications, Juno FlexConnect with micrOptix features integrated miniature silicone optics and delivers up to 425 lumens per foot.  This versatile LED linear lighting system, encapsulated in silicone, is extremely durable and flexible so it can be shaped to follow architectural curves.  And FlexConnect can be field-cut and reconnected in six inch increments for unparalleled design flexibility and field configurability.

This high performance linear optic system utilizes precision engineered silicone optics in 15º, 20º x 45º and Asymmetric distributions.  Juno FlexConnect with micrOptix is IP67 rated for interior and exterior applications.

Beautifully crafted channels in a variety of finishes and styles offer an attractive, yet functional design touch to FlexConnect with micrOptix.  The channels can be cut to length, making them adaptable as field conditions change.  Available in both surface and recessed mount, these exquisite channels can be specified with louvers for additional shielding.  With the diminutive, precision optics from Juno FlexConnect, the architectural applications are endless.


Recognized by one of the lighting industry's most prestigious award programs: The LFI Innovation Awards® 2018, the Juno FlexConnect with micrOptix™ won both the competition's overall Design Excellence Award and its Best of Category award in the Dynamic Color, Theatrical, Cover, Strips and Tape category.


Key Features

• Optics available in 15º, 20º x 45º and Asymmetric distributions.

• Produces up to 425 lumens per foot of brilliant white light.

• CCT's of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.

• 80 CRI standard and 90 CRI optional for 2700K and 3000K.

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Date: 04/01/2019

The CPANL™ LED Switchable Lumen Flat Panel is a versatile luminaire that packs a lumen punch for both new construction and renovation.

CPANL Key Features:  

  • Expanded lumen range (50 percent more lumens than the standard panel) supports a wide variety of tasks and mounting heights
  • Switchable Lumen feature provides flexibility, allowing the installer to adjust lumens conveniently on the job site and reduces the number of SKUs needed
  • Ultra-thin and deep-drawn housing design enables multiple mounting options including direct surface mount and suspension mount without fixture warping
  • Integrated driver capable of 10% dimming and 120-277VAC operation
  • High-performance, name brand LEDs provide more than 60,000 hours of reliable illumination
  • Available in 1’ x 4’, 2’ x 4’ and 2’ x 2’ configurations to suit the needs of your application
  • The most popular configurations are part of the Contractor Select™ program—readily-available and backed by the trusted performance of the Lithonia Lighting brand.

The CPX™ LED Flat panel has a traditional external driver and is designed to our stringent quality standards. It is ideal for budget-conscious projects in convenience stores, small retail and back-of-house spaces.

CPX Key Features:

  • Industry standard wattages
  • Long-life LEDs maintain greater than 70% of their lumen output at 50,000 hours
  • External 0-10V dimming driver, dims to 10%
  • All CPX configurations are part of the Contractor Select™ program backed by the trusted performance of the Lithonia Lighting® brand
  • Available in 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ configurations

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Date: 03/03/2019

“Efficient and effective” is any busy electrical contractor’s mantra.

Especially these days, when chronic labor shortages combined with high demand for LED retrofits has contractors desperate to get the job done – fast – and without time and revenue killing callbacks to fix a “not-right-the-first-time” installation.

For lighting control systems to be “efficient and effective,” they need to be easily installed (that means staying below the ceiling), meet all relevant codes, and work seamlessly from the moment they’re activated – so you can move to the next job.

That’s why we created nLight AIR, a secure, high-performance wireless lighting control solution that connects indoor lighting systems on one platform. It’s especially well-suited for spaces – like older buildings or hospitals -- where wiring is cost prohibitive and time consuming, or for retrofits where running wires can be complex.

Just look at all you get with the complete nLight AIR package:

  • nLight® AIR-enabled LED luminaires (equipped with eldoLED® LED drivers). Each luminaire comes with a multi-function sensor that detects and shares motion and daylight data via integrated radios. And since it’s factory integrated and tested, the nLight AIR platform is deployed automatically with each installed luminaire.
  • Wireless battery powered wall switches, which can be remotely managed via the CLAIRITY™ app. Batteries used in the rPODB switches are designed to last for 10 years under normal usage and conditions.
  • A mobile configuration app, CLAIRITY, for quick and easy startup. The app enables complete configuration of nLight AIR devices, with the ability to use default or customized occupancy and daylight sensor settings, wall switch configuration and sequence of operations.

nLight AIR marks a big step forward in lighting control systems. In the past, commercial lighting integration could be difficult, as it required the contractor to connect disparate systems, software and networks. Naturally, that could give contractors (and their clients) lots of headaches, with lengthy and difficult installations and frequent maintenance calls.

But now, installation is as easy as disconnecting line voltage from the old fixture and connecting line voltage to the new LED fixtures, since they have embedded sensors.

A key thing to remember is that because nLight AIR systems are deployed using the building's existing wiring, it reduces your installation costs, keeps your crew beneath the ceiling plane -- and accelerates payback for the building owner/manager.

And since nLight AIR is A+ Certified, you can confidently select and implement the system with the realization that it will be both compatible and chromatically consistent.

What could be better than that?

Check out this nLight AIR product overview video on our website for more details.

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Date: 12/11/2018

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